10 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Holidaze

Looking for a gift that shows how much you care about your best bud? Want to let that special someone know that you think highly of them? Hoping to make your work gift exchange a hoot? More puns?!?

Buying for someone else is never easy. Luckily for you, we’ve picked our Top 10 gift ideas for the recreational and medicinal users on your list.  Sure, we're a little late with this list but late is better than never right? Besides, maybe you don't want your gift recipient to unwrap their shiny new bong in front of Grandma. Let's get to the list!

The Kind Pen Tri-Use Vaporizer Kit is the portable vape pen in terms of versatility. Not only does this pen vaporize dry herb and concentrates; You can also use the Tri-Use V2 with e-liquids. Switching from dry herb to concentrates, to e-liquid is as simple as changing the adaptor.

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Ronin “Gunbai” Ashcatcher is a great add on for anyone that already has glassware. Ashcatchers keep ash and organic material from getting in your bong; Resulting in cleaner glass and even cleaner hits. Their lungs will thank you.

Water Puff Portable Water Pipe is a must-have for any adventurous smoker. Simply screw this brilliant attachment to any bottle and you have yourself a fully functioning water pipe. Perfect to bring with you camping or on along hike. Just remind them not to drink the water afterwards.

LavaTech E-nail Kit is for serious dabbers. E-nails allow you to evenly heat your nail to specific temperatures. This helps you dial in the exact temperature you prefer for consistently perfect smoke sessions. Out with the torch, in the with e-nail!

My Bud Vase “Aurora” is ideal for the classy smoker on your list. Made to look like a vase, this bong comes with ceramic flowers that sit in the mouthpiece when not in use. This is one piece that you won’t feel bad about leaving on the coffee table when company comes over.

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Nucleus Silicone Concentrate Container safely stores your concentrates in an air-tight, food grade silicone jar. Available in 7 different colours to choose from. Measuring 1” tall with a 2” diameter, these make perfect stocking stuffers. They’ll hardly be able to contain their excitement

Empire Glassworks Avocado Pipe is an obvious choice for this list. Everyone knows at least 5 people that would choose a perfectly ripe avocado over their own mother. Now you can get them an avocado that never goes bad! This Empire Glassworks pipe’s are held to the highest standard, and this pipe is no different. The “skin” of the avocado is textured for some extra grip. The bowl is cleverly made out of the avocado pit.

Sweet Tooth Grinders come in a variety of styles and colours. All made with high quality components, these grinders perform as good as they look! Let your sweetie know that you’re out here, grindin’ for them every day.

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Nucleus Pipe Mug combines two of the greatest mood boosters out there. Coffee and herb. This mug will change the way anyone looks at their alarm clock. Help someone make the most of their mornings with this Nucleus pipe mug.

Zak the Zebra is not a real zebra. Don’t worry PETA. This goofy looking bong is by far my favourite, which is why I saved it for last. Just look at it! I honestly don’t even feel the need to try and sell you on this one. If a zebra propping up a bowl like Kim and that glass of champagne doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.  

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