How To Clean A Bong: 5 Easy Steps Even You Can Do

Besides looking awful and ruining the taste of your beloved herb, a dirty bong is also a prime environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Unless you want to be inhaling Hexxus from Fern Gulley you should read this easy 5 step process for how to clean a bong

What You’ll Need:

  • Salt
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Pipe cleaner (optional)
  • water

You’ll likely have to make a stop at the grocery store, and yes it does feel weird buying only these items. I'd say buy them while you do the rest of your grocery shopping, but you do you.


Step 1. Rinse With Hot Water

Get that water hot but not boiling, and then run water through your bong for a few minutes. If your glass isn’t in terrible need of a clean, this may be all you need to get rid of Hexxus. ( Yes, I’ll be referring to resin as ‘Hexxus’ for the rest of this post so deal with it ).

If your bong still needs help, keep on reading.


Step 2. Don’t Be Salty

Actually do, do be salty. Poor a 1/2 cup of salt into the top opening of your bong. If your bong is fancy and has percolators you’re going to want to add another 1/2 cup through the lower opening.

If 'It’s Always Sunny' has taught me anything, it’s that salting someone never feels good. So get your bong a drink afterwards.


Step 3. Get Your Glass Drunk

You’ll need twice as much alcohol as salt, so if you used 1/2 cup of salt, use 1 cup of alcohol. 1 cup of salt, use 2 cups of alcohol. MATH!

Poor the alcohol through both openings, then plug the lower opening with a cork or paper towel.

Seriously, for the love of herb don't forget to plug the lower opening.

Step 4. Shake What Your Money Bought You

This may be the most rewarding part. Cover the top opening with paper towel and shake it real good!  You’ll see the once clear alcohol turn an ugly brown as it removes Hexxus from your precious glassware.

Step 5. Final Rinse

Rinse THOROUGHLY with warm water. You just filled your bong with highly flammable liquid. So make sure you get it all out before, you know, you put fire near it. If you notice any Hexxus remnants, repeat the process until your glass is so fresh 'n so clean.

When it comes to cleaning your bowl the best way is to let it soak in an alcohol/salt solution for 3-5 minutes. After soaking use cotton swabs to the now loosened Hexxus.

For the stem may I suggest going to your local craft store and getting a package of pipe cleaners. Cleaning pipe is precisely what they were made for after all. 

Let us know how this process worked for you by sounding off in the comments. We also welcome you to share your before and after photos

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