The Beginner's Guide To Buying Your First Pipe

So you wanna buy a pipe, eh?

The purchase of your first pipe can be a confusing journey full of words you’ve never heard before. What the heck is a chillum or is a Sherlock pipe really as cool as it sounds? The answer is yes. In this article we’ll cover all of the basic hand pipe designs and their unique advantages. Buying your first pipe should be a fun and easy experience! We’re here to help with that.

Before we get started…

It’s important to understand how and where you’ll be using your new pipe. Are you planning on smoking at home? Are you the adventurous type? Will you be smoking with friends? Do you have friends? ( Kidding ) How often do you drop things? ( Not Kidding ). You’re going to have to take a long honest look at yourself in order to find your perfect pipe. Let’s begin.

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Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are a classic choice for your first pipe. They vary in size to accommodate many different situations. Taking it with you camping? Grab a smaller, more portable pipe. Smoking at home with friends? Look for something with a nice big bowl! Spoon pipes are typically made of glass, but can also be found in stone or metal. Glass is the preferred material of most consumers, as it provides the “cleanest” tasting hit. The only downside to glass is that, well, glass can break.

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Sherlock Pipes

Proof that you can always improve on a classic design; Sherlock pipes are essentially spoons pipes with a curved neck. By curving the neck, you reduce the chance of any dry herb or ash finding its way into your mouth. These pipes offer a more vintage styling than any other hand pipe. Get out your smoking jacket with the leather elbows.

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If discretion is a priority, look no further than the Chillum. Chillums, also known as a one-hitters, are typically small glass tubes, with a bowl at one end. These small bowls hold just enough dry herb for a single hit. Perfect for that mid-hike-toke to keep you motivated! The downside to the portability is that these pipes don’t hold very much herb, and would require constant packing if being used among friends.

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From the smallest hand pipe, to the biggest! Steamroller pipes are as effective as they are simple. A large glass tube is held steady by two little feet under the bowl side of the pipe. Varying in length from 5” to an astounding 18”. The bigger the pipe, the bigger the hit. These pipes are loved for their ability to provide massive hits while being easier to handle than a big ol’ bong.

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Want to take your hand pipe experience to the next level? Enter Bubblers. These hand pipes have a chamber below the bowl that you fill with water. The water cools and filters your smoke, resulting in cleaner, smoother hits. Having a pipe full of water isn't ideal if you're moving around; bubblers are ideal for the smoker who wants extra filtration but isn’t quite ready for a bong.

What Did We Learn?

While the options are seemingly endless, it’s less intimidating when you only focus on the pipes that cater to your top priorities. Do you want the cleanest hits? Get a bubbler. Something you can always bring with you? Chillum! Want to entertain your friends? 18” Steamroller. Need a little bit of all of the above? Cuddle up with a brand new spoon pipe.  

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