Dab Rigs

We all love a good dab rig. They're also known as "concentrate pipes" or "oil rigs" but no matter what you call them, the result is a fantastic way to enjoy your essential oils. Experienced dabbers know that your concentrates will vaporize better in rigs with minimal drag which is why many of our dab rigs feature small chambers and narrow tubes to maximize flavour. Even the construction on larger rigs like our chandeliers maintain those tight vapour paths so your smoke never gets stale before it hits your lungs. We're proud to offer some of the best dab rigs online in Canada. 

At Smoky Mountain you can choose from a wide variety of concentrate rigs with different sizes, styles, percolators, and more. We stock recyclers, bubblers, and we've even got you covered on accessories like dabbers and nails. If you have any questions about purchasing the perfect dab rig, send an email to support@smokymountain.ca