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"Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler

Regular price $149.99
This DankStop "Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler is insane! With its dual recycling chambers, this water pipe produces perfectly smooth and potent hits each and every time. This dab rig features an inline perc that diffuses the smoke before it goes through the remaining 2 chambers and into your lungs. If you are unfamiliar with the likes of an inline perc, you will be happy to know that it is great at filtering smoke. Generally, inline percs are shaped like a long tube. On the underside of this tube, there are numerous slits. These slits allow for the production of filtration bubbles. As the smoke is being filtered through the inline perc, some water travels into the dual recycling chambers. These recycling chambers are capturing the unused water that bounces upward as bubbles are produced. This captured water is redirected back into the main chamber with the inline perc. With this mechanism in place, the DankStop "Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler achieves maximum efficiency with its water. On top of all that, this recycler features a built-in dish and stunning black lipwrap for an added touch. You heard me, the "Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler has been designed to include a dish. The dish is directly above the main chamber, with a concave imprint in the glass. This dish makes it all the more easier to transfer your concentrates onto the glass nail. Instead of having to deal with a separate dish, as most people do, the DankStop "Twincycler" Dual Chamber Inline Perc Recycler allows users to have the easiest of access to their concentrates. The oil rig comes with a 14mm male joint. This concentrate pipe is available in your choice of colour.