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Chiller Multi Kit
Chiller Multi Kit Chiller Multi Kit
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Grav Labs

Chiller Multi Kit

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Grav Labs has combined the filtration of a bubbler, portability of a hand pipe, and the cool hits of a glycerin pipe. Oh, and you can take it all apart to be used for dry herb or concentrates. The Grav Labs Chiller Multi Kit might seem intimidating, but don't be scared. The kits is made up of three easily interchangeable parts. The glycerin mouthpiece doesn't judge your choice of attachment. Simply leave the mouthpiece in the freezer until you need it. The choice of three attachments include; a bubbler, a bowl, and a nectar collector. The bubbler, thanks to the diffused downstem and water chamber, filters your smoke for smooth hits. The bowl allows you to use this masterpiece as a simple hand pipe while still enjoying the cooled smoke from your glycerin mouthpiece. The nectar collector puts this one over the top, allowing you to enjoy your favourite concentrates. Every piece of the Grav Labs Multi Kit is made with thick, high grade scientific glass. Get yourself a pipe that can do it all.