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"Jitte" Sidecar Dab Rig with UFO Perc

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Utilized by law enforcement during the Edo Period, a "Jitte" was an iron bar that had a prong sticking out to one side. The "Jitte" Sidecar Dab Rig with UFO Perc has its bent neck and flared mouthpiece off to one side as well. This dab rig design allows you to see your concentrates vaporizing beautifully from a safe distance. The 14mm female dome and nail are included. The dome itself comes with its own handle for simple placement. A UFO Perc is located in the main chamber and has a color-accented top. Along with the other accents around the 3.5" base and Dewar's Joint, choose the color that suits you best. Add this "weapon" to your dabbing repertoire and you won't be disappointed.